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Stellar Oak Fog OMP01-U0083

Stellar Oak Fog OMP01-U0083

Sheet Vinyl • The Omega+ Collection

Omega+ products have several advantages: they are 100% waterproof, non-slip and suitable for small budgets.

Their designs have been enhanced with NaturQuest, a new enhanced emboss technology that offers brighter colors and optimized textures, giving floor coverings a more realistic look and feel. Pattern offerings feature beautiful woods and tiles in market trend colors.

Omega+ products can be installed on any floor level and thanks to their foam backing, they are warm and quiet. All LuxTerra sheet vinyl products are tested to ensure that they meet or exceed quality standards. Offered in several visuals, their style allows you to create a modern décor by adding an original touch.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Pet-friendly
  • Can be installed on all floor levels
  • Suitable for use over embedded heating systems
  • D.O.P (di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate) Free Product
  • Made with exclusive NaturQuest enhanced embossing technology giving a more realistic feel and registered embossed effect.
  • Warm, quiet and comfortable
  • Slip resistant
  • Antibacterial
BLC Certified ®
Ensures that the floor covering you're buying surpasses industry quality standards.
FloorScore® Certified
Certifies compliance with rigorous indoor air quality requirements.
Phthalates Free
Our PVC products are phthalates free, meaning that they will not affect your quality of life.

Product Identification

Style Name
Stellar Oak Fog
Style Number
12' (3.66 M)
Total Thickness
0.140" (3.55 mm)


Residential Use
25 Years
No Questions Asked Replacement
30 Days