Canadian flooring for Canadian homes

Being Canadian is one of the things we are the most proud of.  It's not only about sharing a country, it's about all the things we have in common. By offering you 100% Canadian-made carpets, as well as carpet tiles and hard surface floor covering chosen for your lifestyle, we make sure that we are all things Canadian. 

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Carpet and Carpet Tiles

With our durable carpet tiles and Canadian-made carpets, we know how to keep you warm and comfortable during the coldest winters, while adding a touch of summer in your house all-year-long with their colors and softness. We know you always seek for the best, so it's a good thing that they always reach new standards of performance!

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Sheet Vinyl

We know Canadian weather doesn't always make your life simple. That's why our waterproof sheet vinyl handles the messes left by rain boots... and snow boots (yes, winter will come along). Your busy lifestyle requires some simplicity? This easy-to-maintain flooring will allow you to spend more time on the things that you enjoy.

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Luxury vinyl

Canadians love to get together with family and friends, and every occasion is an opportunity to do so! Waterproof and stain-resistant, luxury vinyl is the perfect flooring option for the big meal preparations or the gatherings around hockey playoffs in the living room.

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Because of its strong and durable finish, it will resist all the indoor hockey games (we know there always are). Maybe you can't get the kids to stop playing, but at least your scratch-resistant flooring won't be a worry!

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Rigid engineered luxury vinyl

Enjoy the cottage and create memories all-year long, despite the ever-changing temperature. We want you to enjoy every season at its most! Plus, it gives the cottage that perfect wood-inspired classic look.

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Engineered hardwood

Taking a step forward for the protection of our iconic lakes and mountains, it uses the maximum of its natural and renewable resource, leaving a reduced eco-footprint. We know protecting our environment is an important value for Canadians.

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