The art of adaptability in the out of ordinary

As we know, lifestyle habits have drastically changed in the last few weeks. We confine ourselves, we mask ourselves, we disinfect our groceries and we wash our hands as if it were our new job.

We also juggle with completely new realities: home schooling for some, teleworking for others, or even both simultaneously. So what do we do to optimize space and be as efficient as possible while avoiding getting tied up in knots and aggravated? And what happens when we don't necessarily have a room dedicated to these new challenges? We have to get inspired by design trends and forget about conventions!

First of all, a few sacrifices and concessions. Let’s start by analyzing the needs of the whole family and use our creativity to reinvent the space. We want to avoid getting into each other's hair at the end of the day and ending up tearing it out of our heads.

So what used to be our kitchen island can now be used as a temporary classroom! There's nothing like teaching fractions while following a baking recipe and what about the easy access to snacks in the fridge! 

The living room may lose some of its size to give place to an office and paperwork area. Furniture that combines a desk and shelves is an elegant way to give yourself maximum storage within a minimal amount of space. 

Having experienced the multiple and simultaneous calls from spouses working together in a loft, the whole thing is now recognized as the "Cacophony Festival". The situation can be rectified by converting a large closet into a phone booth to provide a touch of privacy.

For the more adventurous, we may combine the playroom and work space to keep an eye on the younger ones. Tired of seeing the toys scattered all over the room? Why not put everything back in a few pretty converted laundry baskets? Fast and effective, like a real housekeeping ninja!

If necessary, installing several shelves on the wall is an inexpensive solution that will help reduce clutter and better organize the house. This way, we can make the most out of our space where the printers and other small equipment can be installed. 

Let's not forget about the outdoors! Weather permitting, a few cushions on the balcony and we can easily create a reading nook for the children or for a well-deserved adult “me-time”! When spending so much time between four walls, every square foot is important.

Last piece of advice? Since we’re all becoming video-conference enthusiasts, we may want to be careful of our backgrounds before taking the stage. Luscious plants and pretty decorations, yes. A glimpse of the last two days' dirty dishes, not so much.

Enjoy the linked board below featuring an array of inspiring and original multifunctional interior design ideas. There's always a way to combine functionality and comfort, even in the smallest of spaces!