Product development Inspiration

New product development used to be based on in-depth knowledge of the floor covering market gained from meetings with suppliers and trips to trade shows (Domotex, Heimtextil, Surfaces, etc.) around the world. The sales meetings also provided a very interesting forum for discussion between representatives and R&D.

Since March 2020, we have had to drastically change our way of doing business. Everything has become virtual and contacts are now made by videoconference, email, telephone and various project management applications. We consult several image banks, podcasts and online publications. In terms of patterns and colors, our participation in various trend-setting organizations (e.g. Color Marketing Group) allows us to be constantly on the cutting edge. Sometimes, some customers ask for products that do not exist in the current offer, which forces us to innovate to satisfy their needs.

Our suppliers also offer us innovative raw materials that provide various antimicrobial, anti-stain or other properties that we then integrate into our new products to meet the needs of a changing and very complex market.

In parallel to this reality, telecommuting has allowed a part of the population to take ownership of their home in a different way. For many, the home has become a place where work is combined with rest and family activities on a daily basis. As a result, decorating trends have taken a "wellness" turn, letting nature take its place through the softness of textures and the influence of natural materials.

With the most modern technologies in terms of raw materials (wool effect, soft polyester fibers, etc.) and with the most current color trends in mind, we do our utmost to design innovative products that meet the ever-changing demands of the captivating floor covering market.