Install Style with Style

In anticipation of the launch of our Style collection and its multi-directional locking system, this post will be dedicated to the installation of this type of flooring. The Style collection is designed to be extremely easy and fast to install (up to 2x faster) while allowing for creative and unique installations.

Before you begin installing the floor, be sure to vacuum the subfloor to remove any residue. This will prevent a piece of Lego block, or other small objects, from distorting the floor during installation. Make sure the surface is dry and you're ready to go.

Once you have chosen the pattern for your floor (herringbone, quarter turn, etc.), we recommend that you test the pattern once or twice so that you can see the effect in your room. The Dreamclick locking system is not very restrictive and will even allow you to quickly try several different patterns.

To begin installation, simply cut the locking tabs on the side that will go against the wall with a utility knife and begin installation by laying the boards parallel to the longer wall. This doesn’t apply if you use a herringbone pattern ! 

Develop your pattern, taking care to use the spacers to create a quarter-inch (6.35mm) expansion gap around the perimeter of your floor. If you wish to cut the board, you can do so with a square to ensure a straight cut and a utility knife. Once the surface of the board is cut, lean the board on a table and put weight on the part to be cut in order to separate the board into two pieces. 

You can refer to this installation video: