Jérémy’s Favorite

This week's feature: Jérémy, our outstanding programmer-analyst, reveals the secrets of Beaulieu Canada's databases.

From his beginnings in computer science, to the development of his flagship project, the CMS, Jérémy has put forward a structuring vision of the data concerning our products. For example, when you browse the site looking for a product. It is thanks to his efforts that you can sort products by type, color, thickness, and more. In addition, his efforts to structure the data allow for the development of tools that make life easier for many employees.

Rather than being inspired by silence to code, Jérémy prefers to listen to music of all kinds, from Rush to System of a Down, from Fatal Bazooka to Polyphia and many others. Since the pandemic, Jeremy misses the background noise produced by his marketing colleagues, and especially the snacks they used to bring him.

Since the transition to working from home, snacks have been replaced by feasts concocted by this prince of the fork. In his spare time, Jeremy hones his volleyball skills, which always impress his colleagues during friendly matches organized by Beaulieu.