Caroline’s Favorite

In our “Coup de Coeur” series, we asked employees from Beaulieu Canada to share with us what sparks joy for them. This week, Caroline, graphic designer, talks about her passion for vintage objects.

“If I assess my home, I barely have anything new.

When I buy something new, it’s because I ran out of time and it was an urgent practical need that needed to be addressed.

When I buy new, I feel like I’ve lost.

Lost money, lost authenticity, lost the chance to give a second life or to extend a story.

It can make many people smile, but I am one of those people who develop affection and even empathy for certain material goods when they accompany me, help me or give me pleasure on a daily basis. Some of them take me elsewhere and make my home a precious escape.

I think it has become a game. A game in which a lot of pleasant feelings clash. Between nostalgia, discovery, excitement, risk-taking, negotiation, fulfillment… Call me Indiana Goonies. At least that’s how I often feel. I’m making a movie of myself and here’s a glimpse behind the scenes.”

Her tricks for finding things:

- Don’t neglect garage sales in remote villages. Often country attics are full of exceptional objects and the owners are simply unaware of their value and potential.

- Do not hesitate to develop a contact with someone who sells ONE interesting object. This person may be a compulsive buyer/collector who is simply trying to make room in his home.

- Don’t think too much, work on the basis of your heart’s desire. Jump on the opportunity, it is always possible to change your mind and find a buyer.

As for the Beaulieu products that go best with antique objects: “My favorite of the moment goes to Chagall and Klee from the Fresque collection.”