Many will say that walking barefoot is good for your health, and others will say exactly the opposite. There are those who are for it on the inside but against it on the outside, and of course, there are those who think the contrary. And for you, barefoot is a yes or a no?


It seems that it's not that simple. Humans weren't born with Nike or Dolce & Gabbana in their feet, but shoes appeared very early in history. And it was not only a question of temperature but also of protection and even comfort. 


Yes, if we look at natural reflexology, walking barefoot can be very good and satisfying. As long as your floor covering is at the right temperature to avoid circulation problems and is, of course, comfortable to the touch. Obviously, children's toys and small plastic blocks don't help the therapeutic part.

If you think that walking in the dirt or sand provides an extra benefit, you are absolutely right! It is the antioxidant effect that helps to reduce accumulated stress. Nothing less! We love The Pros, and there are many more...


Unfortunately, for some people with chronic diseases like diabetes, this is not an option. You might think that if it's not appropriate for a health reason, we should all do the same, just in case... But no, it's not like that, it's really related to the condition itself.

Of course, cons may be simply due to matters of taste or comfort. People who are chilly and disdainful may have some reluctance to walk barefoot. 

For athletes, runners and joggers more specifically, it is strongly recommended not to practice their sport barefoot for safety and protection. The shock caused by each stride can damage muscles, bones, tendons, and skin. The protection provided by a specialized shoe is necessary.


Obviously, we are experts in floor coverings! And knowing that you are comfortable with our products gives us the satisfaction of a job well done. When you think that, depending on the floor you walk on, and according to the studied and proven benefits of walking barefoot, Beaulieu Canada contributes in its own way to the improvement of blood circulation, the stimulation of the immune system, the improvement of the quality of sleep, the balance of the biological rhythm, the reduction of inflammatory disorders and muscular tension as well as the increase of energy in a general way for all of its customers. As they say, Good floors, Good feet!

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