Our brands

Beaulieu Canada has always been more than just a brand name, it’s about our people and our community. Our beliefs go beyond the products. We truly hope that as an organization, we bring more to you than products because to us, you are more than customers. Creating and investing in our relationships is what makes us such a great local partner. Being Canadian is one of the things we are most proud of. In fact, our quality products are manufactured or designed in Canada, which means they are meet our market needs. 

Our brands are part of what we do and how you know us best! They mean so much to us because they target different types of consumers. Whether you like to see a full flooring offering, get good advice or truly enjoy a simple purchase process, we know all of our partnered retailers will give you the service you deserve. It’s with curious minds and innovative ideas that we take a leap in bringing to market products all employees would install in their homes. 


Beaulieu Canada is our core brand. Everything we do is Beaulieu Canada related! We couldn’t do without it! With over 65 years of experience, it’s safe to say that the organization has a solid background in carpet and grew its market share from coast to coast. With a full hard surface flooring offering for over 15 years, we can now say that we are a supplier of choice and a brand you want to remember when shopping for your next floor covering. 

Find your Beaulieu Canada floor covering, from soft to hard surfaces, in over 2000 locations across Canada. With strong beliefs that the brand offers the right colors and the right designs, you are in good hands no matter the product you are searching for and what room of your home you would like to bring some good to. We offer our products in various ways and through different channels. Look for the following brands and know that they come with the Beaulieu Canada advantages and strengths.

At Peerless Contract, we stand out by our avant-garde designs and by the quality of our products. Add your personal touch to your project by customizing your colors for our LCL patterned carpets. Peerless Contract also offers a wide array of trendy carpet tiles and resilient products. With innovative coloration and designs, combined with the perfect product, your options are limitless!

From durable and sharp-looking carpet tiles to custom curated broadloom styles, our soft surface product range offers all that you can require to design any space, whether for corporate offices or a hip retail store. The recent addition of hard surface flooring gives you even more versatility in creating an ergonomic environment.

Created by Beaulieu in 1999, Your HomeStyle® (YHS) is a private labeled brand of soft and hard surface floor covering products, including carpet, engineered hardwood, laminate and vinyl. It is exclusive to Beaulieu and is available at a select group of independent retailers across North America.

YHS unique color-coded shopping system is categorized into four distinct lifestyles: Boho Chic®, Classik Elegance®, Cozy Casa® and Studio Urbano®. It is a simplified approach for today’s savvy consumers. By understanding shoppers' taste, personal style and their current life stage, retail sales associates can quickly and easily match customers with the product collection that has the right look and feel for them. The four lifestyles are described in a way that makes the process of finding the ideal flooring products very easy.

Thirsty for spontaneity and guided by an ecological conscience, you like to keep your environment trendy. Boho Chic® is the perfect match for young adults conquering the professional world and an exciting social life!

Fulfilment, a successful career and grown-up children who’ve left the family nest (or almost!) rhyme with your reality. Classik Elegance® stands out for its sophisticated product offer that brings a high-end touch to your home.

Activities, romantic movie nights, games for friends and family and cocooning make you feel homey? With young children or pets, action is never far away and that’s why you love every cozy moment! Cozy Casa® offers durable floor coverings that will support you through the years.

Challenges, gatherings, meetings and cool activities... you live life at 100 miles an hour and that’s great! Your urban and dynamic lifestyle follows you everywhere, even when it’s up to choosing your décor. Let Studio Urbano® guide you! A selection of floor coverings that is distinguished by modern products ready to fit your environment.